Quality support

CE Marking and development of quality management systems


July 1st, 2014 it became mandatory for CE marking of permanent structures and parts for steel and aluminum constructions according to DS / EN 1090-1.

If you work within the area of construction, it is mandatory to have a quality management system to be able to supply part in steel and aluminum.

Quality management of welding work must comply with DS/EN ISO3834-serie, and the relation between 1090’s execution classes and the 3 levels of DS/EN ISO 3834-serie, as shown below:


Titan Operational Support is a strong partner on above and can assist with:


Advice on building the quality system in the workshop to the desired 3834 level

Software for the quality system

Welding coordination experts

Certification of welders and operators

Qualification of welding procedures - also welding procedures based on standard welding procedures, previous welding experience and tested additives (EXC 2)

Certification according to DS/EN 1090


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